Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Beat rising Funeral prices

Beat Rising Prices
By paying for funeral costs in advance

While the emotional costs of losing a loved one are incalculable, the financial costs is sadly easier to calculate- the average price of funeral arrangements are expected to rise by some £280 each year.

Even if you have put money aside for your funeral costs, with low interest rates affecting savings accounts your family could face additional burdens when the time comes.

Choosing to pay for a funeral in advance with a quaranteed funeral plan will give your family extra security at a difficult time. That’s because it allows you to pay for funeral services today, safeguarding your loved ones from future price rises.

·         Protect your family – from the burden of meeting funeral expenses
·         Beat rising prices – pay at today’s prices with flexible payment options to suit you
·         Fixed price plan – unlike some other plans there will never be a shortfall
·         Guaranteed acceptance – if you are aged 50 or over

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